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PTSD can take a toll on family members as well.

The Battle Ride raises funds for current and prior service members who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury ) caused by combat. Ride proceeds are used to benefit existing and former military members in need through many different outreach programs. For our 2016, 2017 and 2018 ride all of the proceeds went to Operation Comfort Warriors.
PTSD is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event, whether experienced or witnessed. 
Our 2019 Battle Ride is scheduled for JUNE 8, 2019- SAVE THE DATE! This Ride is Open to All Riders not just Legion members so please consider joining us for a great cause! For route information and ride specifics click below to learn more.

If you suffer from PTSD, we urge you to seek help.  There are many resources available to you and some are anonymous where you can safely get help.  To find out more visit the National Center for PTSD's online coach at the following link:



Combat Veterans need our help and support to successfully adapt to life at home.


Registration can be done online by clicking the Register Now link below.  If you wish, registration can also be done the day of the event from 8:30am - 10:15am with KSU at 10:30am.


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